A look at how George and Maria transformed normal dwellings into 3 on Camps bay Boutique Hotel. Their touch and your vote have awarded us with the mark of excellence.

George and Maria opened No27 First  Crescent around 14 years ago and there were only 4 rooms to begin with. This was so successful that they soon acquired No25 First Crescent and began renovations.

The second property opened around 12 years ago and this added an additional 11 rooms to the portfolio.

The final addition was No17 Finchley drive at the back where our cottage is situated.  This is where the name “3 on Camps Bay Boutique Hotel” comes from.

George, with his background in the diamond industry naturally has the eye for detail and Maria, with her background in the beauty industry naturally has the talent for all things stylish and beautiful.

Each room was meticulously furnished taking into account the view, light exposure and the natural space of the room.  Furnishings had to be trendy yet durable. The wear and tear on the property is immense with approximately 8000 guests each year.

We do extensive maintenance and upgrades every winter where the property usually closes for 1 month in its entirety. This also give our staff, most whom have been with us since the beginning their well deserved annual leave and everyone returns refreshed for another year of exemplary service.

We have taken many steps to reduce our carbon footprint. Some of these include water flow restrictors to reduce water usage as well as recycling of all recyclable materials. Low voltage light illuminate the property at night and our offices have gone virtually paperless.

The property in one of the most beautiful locations in the world and we would like to have a minimum impact on our environment. Leaving behind a legacy for future generations to come.

With this in mind we welcome like minded guests to come and enjoy the splendor of Camps bay and we wish you an enjoyable stay.